Cheap Entertainment: Redbox

2 Apr

One of the biggest categories of spending for 20-somethings is entertainment*.  We have grown up in a culture where we feel the need to be constantly entertained, so it is only natural that we spend a large amount of our budget buying things that entertain us.  Think movie tickets, trips to the amusement park, video game systems, huge DVD collections, mindless wandering/purchasing at the mall, mindless internet shopping… the list goes on.

So how about a way to entertain yourself but still save cash?


English: a RedBox video rental kiosk located o...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone’s heard of Redbox by now.  If you haven’t, the general idea of Redbox is this: Redbox movie rental kiosks are located in grocery stores, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, etc.  You pay $1.25ish to rent a movie for a day.  You are responsible for returning it to a kiosk by 9 pm the day after you rent (note: you can return it to any kiosk!  not just the one where you got it).  For every extra day you keep it, they charge you another rental period (so another $1.25ish).

Alright, so $1.25 is pretty cheap.  This is true.  But what is even better than $1.25? ….. FREE!

Try this: next time you rent a movie at a Redbox kiosk and it gives you the option to type a promo code, type in “DVDONME”.  This should give you a totally free rental for a night!  This will work on each of your credit/debit cards… so use it once for every form of plastic you have!  Just remember to return it by 9 pm the next night or else you’ll be charged $1.25 for that next day :)

Try this next time you’re tempted to spend major money to entertain yourself.  A movie night at home with your friends can be just as fun as going out– and WAY cheaper!  Trust me, your friends will enjoy the change of pace.

* Yeah, that’s not backed up by any sort of fact or figures.  Just go with me here.

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