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Why I’m Here

1 Apr

I have come to the realization that most people my age don’t really know what they’re doing with their money.  That’s not to say I have any expertise in the matter (seriously, I don’t do this for a living, so don’t do anything rash on my account), but I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way that help me to cut costs and save up for the important things in life.

One of my main goals right now is to figure out what I want to do with my life.  (But then again, isn’t that everyone’s goal?)

I like the idea that I don’t need to be chained to a 9-5 for the rest of my life.  I’ve been reading a lot of financial independence books and blogs, and I’ve realized that it is completely possible to “retire” by age 30 or 40 and do whatever you want for the rest of your life!  Who says we have to work until we’re 65?

Join me as I navigate my way through life as a 20-something trying to save a few pennies :)